May 6, 2011


Hello everyone! I know it's sounds cliché but i do miss you guys! Haven't post since March 31st , hhh, my bad.. But I'm back :)
Still doing my Top Artist post (well i hope you don't mind) as my theme for Fridays. I listened much to Télépopmusik lately, i know it's very late but i love their song called Anyway. And the same goes up to Lusine, i loooved their song "Twilight" indeed! Others are, well, you know, Netsky :D I always put his song on a maximum volume with headphones up. By the way, he did a 30-minutes mix for Urban Nerd's 4th birthday! You can even download it for free!

Urban Nerds 4th Birthday Mix 03: Netsky by urbannerdslondon

Wicked mix i must say, kinda made my day :) PLUS a little cons with the man himself - what can i asked for more? :)
Oh and this week had been great, a lots going on - and not forgetting a noiiiice tweet i got just yesterday from my BF - here's the peek :")

Yes, a nice and simple tweet like that can made my whole day :) ILUJCC :*
Nice, eh? Okay, it's Friday - go get yourself ready for the weekend guys :D See you around!


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