May 4, 2010


I found the most shocking news today. Well, at least for me and Netsky fans out there. Netsky new album has already leaked, while it supposed to be released on June 14th. I just found it today, when i saw some people have got heard the album on lastfm. And here is my Twitter saying how much i fell sorry about this.

  1. i hope i’ve done the right thing. i promise i’ll buy the album IF it make it to indonesia. or i’ll just make a shipping from uk.
  2. and yes,i found the link.and yes,i really wanna do it.and yes,i dont think its a good idea either.and yes, its ok if i buy the original tho.
  3. and now i fall 4 place to number 10 from Netsky Top Listener on Lastfm. doh.
  4. omg i know it has been leaked,this netsky new dying to hear the album,but i know i CANT do it! i cant just download it b4 the date!
  5. anyone knows bout netsky’s new album? it supposed to be released on june 14, but why i hv someone heard it on lastfm? is it already leaked??

That is Netsky's album cover, which i said early today. The leaked Netsky album. And the tracklist :

01. Escape (feat. Darrison)
02. Iron Heart
03. Moving With You (feat. Jenna G)
04. Secret Agent
05. Mellow (feat. Terri Pace)
06. I Can't Hold On
07. Storm Clouds
08. Gravity
09. Let's Leave Tomorrow (feat. Bev Lee Harling)
10. Rise & Shine
11. The Magic Russian Bottle
12. Endless Search
13. Porcelain

Look, whatever happened, i will get the original one after it's oficially released, and i am not posting the download-before-the-date link here, or anywhere. This supposed to be released on June 14th this year. I am a Netsky fan myself, and i know this is some kind of disaster that every musician doesn't want to face.

Blame modern technology.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a huge Netsky fan, but this album is lacking. His older tracks are much better imo.

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