April 23, 2010


I know some of you might not like drum n bass music, but as usual, i just want to post anything i liked here, and this is what i'm very in to lately. A drum n bass new uprising musician from Belgium, known as Netsky. At the first, i just known this 21-year-old for his track at "This Is Drum & Bass" album, but lately i always hear his name mentioned on every podcast and dnb radio out there. His music was a liquid type of drum n bass tunes, but still dropping big and massive bass which is very danceable. The BIG thing is, he just signed in to Hospital Records, one of the biggest drum n bass label in the UK. As Hospital says:
Rarely have we seen someone rise through the ranks this quickly, and having a Belgian passport doesn't often turn D+B heads, so you can be sure it's his tunes which do the talking. In less than 12 months Netsky has secured releases on some of the biggest names in the scene, Liq-Weed Ganja, Spearhead and Talkin Beatz gained DJ support from the likes of Friction, Hype and Fabio and also earned a nomination as "Best Upcoming Producer" within just months of his first release at the Drum + Bass Arena Awards. With his blend of uplifting , melancholic melodies and heavy dancefloor bass + beats it wasn't long before Netsky was well on the radar of London Elektricity and High Contrast. "Smile" made it onto Hospitality's "This Is Drum + Bass". Expect a sneaky peak at what Netsky has instore for hospital on Logistics' Hospital Mix 8 due out early 2010.
Firmly reserving a seat at D+B's top table, Netsky has signed exclusively to Hospital. With his unique sound now to be bolstered by Hospital's A+R team, big things are expected for Belgium's premium D+B export.
Sounds great, eh? Check out his tune here via Soundcloud or his MySpace or his LastFm. And oh yeah, he's that kind and warm too, been chat with him yesterday :)
*all photos taken from his facebook.

and oh, look at my "recently played tracks" on lastfm!!!

PS: He's going to play in Bali on November 2010 for "PARADISE IN BALI", with Matrix (uk) & Futurebound (uk), Makoto (Jap), UtahJazz (uk), Bungle( live)(Br), Aki (Jap), Shock One( Au), DJ Low (KL), Q-Bik (wa) & Seeka (uk), Squire (uk), Kim de la Haye(Au), Plus MANY more TBA!!
Can't wait for that!

Go listen! This is gonna be HUGE!
Cheers :)

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