May 7, 2010


I wanna say thanks and give massive shout to Netsky for all of his songs*, Black Kids for their I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You, Zee Avi for her Kantoi, Everything But The Girl for their Before Today [Chicane Remix], Jamie Cullum for his London Skies and Everlasting Love, Etro Anime for their Danger, Adonis, and Purest One, Imogen Heap for her First Train Home, and Homogenic for their Destiny, Am I, and Weeping Mother Earth.

*read my blog about this stuff here.
And look, even Netsky becoming number 2 on my Top Artist on Lastfm! God Bless 'em :)

Bye now, go grab your own weekend

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"people don't change, you just found out who they truly are"