May 23, 2011


Happy Monday everyone! Well it's May 23rd, and two days ago was my birthday, but, yeah. Nothing goes really special except that i was receiving an email from a subject called: Rendeer Exhibition. I don't have any clue of it until i opened their email to me.
They wrote that Rendeer is the final exhibition for 20 graduating Limkokwing University students in Malaysia, and they informed me that JUICE, my own font, is going to be their official font for everything 'Rendeer' !!! Woot! Surprised, yes i am! I thought nothing and then i opened their 'under construction' website, and here it is:

Well lets just see what will happen to my font there - watch this space ;)
In the mean time, just follow their twitter @Rendeer2011 or their Facebook page.

Bye now,

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Anonymous said...

cool design~

Killer Drumz said...

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