March 31, 2011


Like my previous post on Javabass wordpress blog, i will definitely post this album to my blog. I mean, how can i don't give a damn about this mind blowing album?! 2 CDs and 40 tracks are enough to make your body can't stop moving :p
The Drum&BassArena will going to release their latest compilation album called Drum&BassArena: Evolution. I told ya, this album is BIG! D&BA has launched it's mini-site, where you can hear the clips of tunes, tracklistings, TV advert, and interviews with artists such as Jubei, Wilkinson, Prototypes, and Rockwell. Not to mention their giving away FREE MINIMIX which you can download from this site! I wanna tell you the full tracklists, but why don't you diggin' for yourself? :)

This album is going to be release on 3rd April in digital download and on the 4th April in CDs. Can't freakin' wait!


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