February 16, 2011


Finally The Strokes are back! Every internet-freaks (or should i say these indie hipster kids) have talk about this big breaks. After changing their websites layout, giving their first single "Under Cover of Darkness" as a free download --which is a must-download for indie and/or garage fans--, now they're on this weeks (15/02/11) NME cover!

Like the magazine NME said:
The Strokes have tentatively named their forthcoming fourth album 'Angles', which is expected to be released in the UK on March 21. The record's lead single is likely to be named 'Under Cover Of Darkness'. The band gave the album information to Rolling Stone magazine, also revealing further song titles 'Taken For A Fool', 'Life Is Simple', 'Machu Picchu', 'Radio Minor Madness' and 'Call Me Back'. Guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr. explained the album title by saying: "It's what the record sounds like. It comes from five different people." 'Life Is Simple' is the only song that survived from sessions the band recorded with producer Joe Chiccarelli before deciding to record in Hammond Jr's own studio, taking on production duties themselves. The new record will be their first since 2006's 'First Impressions Of Earth'.
The album itself will be release on March 22nd under the title "Angles", so for those of you who had been waiting for this,
do not sleep!

(still trying hard to find NME in Jakarta. Anyone knows please let me know and i will love you forever!)

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