January 14, 2011


Hey! So what's everyone up to lately? I am sooo frickin' sorry for not posting anything this couple months, but believe me, this blog is still my number one love. I used to post my Top Artist of the weeks by Friday, but sometimes i'm just too afraid if no one even still care of it, so, yeah.

Weeks had been so fast, and it's time for another Phunktion in the house! Yeah, Phunktion#63 - Jakarta's longest running drum'n'bass party will be held this Saturday at The Barons, Blok M! Bringin' the finest female drum'n'bass DJ from Bali, Mistral, it will be one heck of a show.. Those Phunktion residence - Jerome, Random, Celcius, DFMC, and MC Drift will still rockin' your weekend :p Sssshh that Phunktion flyer was made by my boyfriend Johnny ;p

Oh by the way, i listened to this a LOT over this past week:
Helios - First Dream Called Ocean (Stray Remix) by straydnb

Hope this tune could relaxed you up from the dizzy week madness.

Enjoy your weekend and see you at Phunktion!

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