September 3, 2010


Hello there! It's Friday already and it means one thing: my Top Artist of the week :p
Much listening to Netsky again this week, well let me remind you it's only 10 freakin' weeks before i'm gonna meet him in Paradise in Bali!! Anyway, i heard lots of London Elektricity's remix of Niji, a song by Japanese band called Nirgilis. You should check out that tune (too bad i don't have the links so i cannot attach the player here). Also bigups to an Indonesian drum'n'bass band called DLR, has a very beautiful jazzy-chillin'-dnb sound, you can hear them here. And oh yeah, Underworld's Born Slippy also hypnotized me again, just because i heard that old song in the Oasis' Live Forever documentary the week before. Wicked.
Last, i left you with this Digital Ivy's remix of BOP's Enjoy the Moment for your chillin' weekend :)
BOP - Enjoy The Moment (Digital Ivy Remix) by digitalivy

Bye now

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