May 14, 2010


Credits to Netsky (i think this guy will be in my playlist until November when Paradise in Bali arise), Bungle, Everything But The Girl, The Postal Service, and Mutated Forms. Oh yeah, and i'm listening again to classics High Contrast and Danny Byrd's tunes like Twilight's Last Gleaming and Soul Function. Also to London Elektricity's Syncopated City album. Epic!
Oh, and also looking forward to London Elek's show in Australia / New Zealand / Japan show, i know i'm not gonna be there, but i'll never stop praying and hoping he would come to Indonesia too :)

Oh and one more thing, Netsky is going to held his album launching, i just knew it today from Facebook:
Netsky Album Launch Party at East Village
10/06/10 9.30 - 2.30 at East Village £5 Adv £7 Door

We celebrate Netsky's self titled album at East Village. The man himself is backed up by Cyantific, Stanza, Airwalker, Darrison and Ruthless with the Hospital Office allstars up top.
All for a bargain £5, grab a ticket while you can.

Aaaah how i really want to go there!!! Anyone please take me there, and i will love you for ever!!!

That's it for this week, see ya later!

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