May 19, 2010


Nothing much happen this week, except that the fact it's my favourite month and that i'm becoming more often than before about all those Netsky thingy. That's a fact too that his album, which supposed to be out in June 14, will be out faster than i think, on May 31st. I think that's a good idea, remembering its already leaked a month before. The Launching Party itself takes place in East Village, London, on June 10th and on June 18 together with Hospitality Brighton. Look, he even invited me :p Too bad i cannot come :(

Talking about invitation, Boris aka Netsky is such a humble person. Been chat with him on AIM yesterday about his 300-signed pre-order CD, and how i think i will never got it because of the shipping things. And how that's the last thing i want for my birthday. Surprisingly, he's willing to bring me his CD on November when he perform in Paradise in Bali. Oh Boris, you don't know how you've made my day :D (wanna know what we've been talking?) See?
Oh and there's a new photos of him from Springtime 2010 (look, i know now i'm acting like a fangirl, shame on me, but whatever..)

Oh and Hospital Podcast 114 kinda made my day too. As the web said:

New music from Bop, Taxman, Sunchase and of course the mighty Netsky. London Elektricity previews the Netsky album which drops on May 31st as well as filling you in on the launch party at East Village on June 10th. Also there is news about the Bop sample pack and “Remix Your Mind” release. Tony also rounds up what was another awesome night for Hospitality at Matter. Keep on subscribing and buying the music.
Oh i love you, Hospital, for doing jobs like these. And i love you, Boris, for everything. And i love you, May, for being a great month, my favorite month :)

Catch ya later folks,

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