April 16, 2010


01. Intro
02. VCR
03. Crystalised
04. Islands
05. Heart Skipped A Beat
06. Fantasy
07. Shelter
08. Basic Space
09. Infinity
10. Night Time
11. Stars

I know i know i am very late, i mean, really late to post this thing, but i just want to do it. Every hipsterkids with blog already post it, and i am so sorry for posting this like a year after it was posted for the first time. What i'm talking about is The XX, with their xx album which had been take over my playlist this whole weekend and a few week earlier. This is a great album, powerful but quiet at the same time, well what can i say, a simplicity at its best.
Like Andrew Gaerig on Pitchfork said, "The XX didn't need a gestation period, though xx is nuanced, quiet, and surprising enough that you might."
I dont want to enjoy it myself (though i know some of you already had this record and playing it about a thousand times a day), so if you are pretty curious, this is where you can get it. My fave would be Islands and Night Time, but every song IS great.

Release Date: 2009-08-17
Label: Young Turks
Website: Myspace

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