April 1, 2010


Last night, March 31, 2010, i was going to see one of the most talented artist from London, Imogen Heap. She was scheduled to do some shows in Asia, and Indonesia is one of those. I was like really excited and long time before the show was held, i was thinkin' "i should see her, this will be really awesome!"

So there was i, buy her ticket (thanks to my friend Dita who ordered me the ticket) and ready to "oooh" and "aaah" for the big night.
So i was arrived at Balai Kartini at 6 or 7 o'clock -i can't remember, and go to the queue with my friend Omen, Dita, Inggar, and Lili (whose attending the meet&greet before the concert and oh-my-God they got the signature!!) There were 6 queues there, and they were all dressed up not like any other concert attendees i've known :p

After like 1 hour of queuing, the gate's open and the 'gatekeeper' start doing their job, ripping off tickets :

My ticket :D

Luckily we've came early so we're able to get the second row of the festival arena. We have to wait like reeeeaaally long and i was taking photos of the stage from where i stand and it was like this :

Yeah i know it looks so far away from the stage, but its better than never, 'aight? :)
After two opening acts Immi brought (the first one is a one-piece-guy band with his laptop and guitar and the second one is kinda like a spontaneous DJ which i liked much better than the first one) we have to wait again for half an hour for the technician to prepare everything.
Andddd at 9.30 pm, at last Immi appeared on stage!!! woop!
This is the setlist:

I dont know exactly why, but i can't tell you the full story when she's on stage, because i'm not good at writing stories :p
The most important thing, she sings "Goodnight and Go", "Hide and Seek", "Just For Now", and all the audience was screaming and clapping i think they could crash Balai Kartini down :p
And the last thing i know, she sing "The Moment I Said It" beautifully and leave the stage..
OMG. OMG. Her voice is so fff beautiful and her talent was AMAZING (like i cant spell it in lower case :p)

Here some photos i take, forgive me for the bad pixels because of the cellphone camera :p

Me and Tiffany after the show, we were pretty exhausting, but happy :)

My Friend Dita and Lili got the signatureeeee :D

So there was me, standing and smiling after the show :D


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