March 26, 2010


I dont believe this. Last night, i saw my JUICE font being used for LUX TVC. I know, i know, it freaked me out. I just don't know whether i have to be happy or angry but surely i'm excited!!! Here's the sneak peek:

and if you're curious about this TVC, you can watch it here:

But every good news, must be followed by bad news :(. As you all know, i uploaded the JUICE Typefamilysets on so people can download it for free. And its already been downloaded for 91,274 until yesterday. I know, its too late, but the LUX TVC representative have not contacting me for the usage of my JUICE font on their commercial. As the type designer, i feel dissapointed for what they've done (or maybe, what they have not done). At least they can drop me an e-mail or something, i suppose? Remembering i have put my e-mail under every JUICE download link on the net, i really appreciate if someone could drop me an e-mail or just for saying "Hi, i use your font on blablabla..."

Well, there's a lesson in every scene, so i can only enjoy the tvc for now.

(thinking whether i have to sell my next font and not provide it as a free download)

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