October 1, 2010


There are 2.. wait, 3 songs highlighted this week, and there are Suede's Picnic by the Motorway, Lenzman bootleg DNB remix of Alicia Keys' Unthinkable, and KOAN Sound's Happy People. That songs just made my day, seriously. On Monday and Tuesday, i listened Suede on repeat. On Wednesday and Thursday, i listened to Lenzman. Also KOAN Sounds made me happy on Thursday. Today, i mostly listened to Matryoshka, a shoegaze-IDM band from Japan which vocals really smooth.. as silk, believe me. You can all go download their songs here on their LastFm page (most of them are free download, thank God). The others are Netsky, Blur, and The Smiths, as usual :]
To be honest, i really wanna show you these songs, how they'd sound, and i'm in a dilemma which song should i put here. So lets just see.. lets put those which has a Soundcloud:

Lenzman - Open Page (feat. Riya) - Metalheadz by Lenzman

And i leave you with this happy song by KOAN Sound. Listen to it and magically, it'll make you happy! :D

Happy People by KOAN Sound


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