September 20, 2010


I just visited by my good friend from the Phillipines. She's Ria Silva, an adorable woman interested in Indonesia, and she has a great interest to MUSIC! :) Hi Ria! She was in Jakarta for maybe 5or 6 days, but we can only met for 1 day on September 13. It was a GREAT day, with friends come along. They're my friends whom also Ria's - it's Nunu, Nadya, Ari, Bram, and later at that day my boyfriend John came along to joined us.
First we go to 7 Eleven near Grand Indonesia, and then we gone to HeyFolks! Shop. We also ate bakso atom near HeyFolks!, and then we go to Melly's Bar. GOOOOOD TIMEEEESS!
Ria bring us a LOT of stuffs (thanks a BUNCH Ria!). We got a rayban, i got an Andy Warhol tote bag and Andy Warhol t-shirt, and not to forget: THE SMITHS t-shirt!!! That's just - wicked.
These are the pics, all taken by Ria's camera.

With ur new raybans!

Nunu's wicked pose

We're in 7 Eleven Grand Indonesia

We're at Heyfolks! Shop

We ate bakso

At Melly's Garden & Bar

and last, thanks Riaaa! We LOVE You!

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