July 9, 2010


It's all about drum n bass this week, but Team Sleep (dont ever -EVER- listened to Death by Plane if you don't wanna kill yourself) helps me through my bad mood, not forgetting Blur. I am not feeling well this week, you know, mood swings and all that. But there's always something that made my day, like a little nice chat with Boris aka Netsky or Mr Tony Colman aka London Elektricity. Even Tony gave me a nickname:

Hospital Podcast 117 is out this week too, loads of massive tunes, don't forget to listen! O yeah, and Hospital Records released Hospitality Drum + Bass 2010 in a digital format. I'm sure it's a BIG release guys, even i haven't get a copy of that :p

And my boyfriend's project, Digital Ivy making a bootleg remix for Imogen Heap's Just For Now, he made it in to drum n bass which i reaaalllllllyyyyy like, you can hear and download it here.

That's it for today, happy weekend all :)

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