January 29, 2010


Yesterday i was sending my request for Behance Network, the world's leading platform for creative professionals across all industries. There you can share your portfolio to the.. um, rest of the world, i suppose? So today when i was checking my hotmail, and there it is :

Then i was like surprised that my request had reviewed this fast. And i submit my work quickly (well, not that quick actually). And here it is, the sneak preview:

Look, even it was appreciated 1 time already! :)

Thats all folks, i hope you could visit my Behance profile, like you did to my other accounts :p
Or maybe you want to download my fonts? Just go back here. Its complete with 6 typefamilies already!!!

(still amazed that i have my own Behance profile :p)

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"people don't change, you just found out who they truly are"