June 8, 2009


Another great book which i want for my next birthday. Anyone? :P
The reviews like Index Book said:
With the proliferation of digital tools that fuse both traditional and cutting-edge techniques, typography is becoming increasingly experimental and multi-faceted.
From pen-and-ink vernacular styles to digital rendering, to the use of mixed media, this volume showcases how new typefaces have been formed, transformed and used in unconventional ways to create symbolic images and patterns.
Each of these high-quality projects is accompanied by an insightful commentary that explores the conceptualisation and creative application of type aesthetics with digital and analogue techniques in graphic design.
An ideal source for designers, illustrators, clients and anyone keen in the creative possibilities of typography contributing to a more sophisticated visual language that communicates and intrigues.
Theme Typography By Various authors Publisher Page One Year 2009 Pages 353 pages Format 18,5 x 26,7 cm Weight 1.150 Kg Features clothe binding Languages English ISBN 978-981-245-766-0 REF 5898 Price 35€

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