March 30, 2009


This is the final shape of JUICE typefamilysets, a typeface i've made for my final exam.
The font itself was made specially for JUICE magazine, a free lifestyle magazine, published in Jakarta once a month. I'll place the copy of the magazine some times here in my blog.
It has 6 family type: JUICE Light, JUICE Regular, JUICE Bold, JUICE Light Italic, JUICE Italic, and JUICE Bold Italic.
Take a look at it:

That's it. Comments and advices are always very welcomed.
Bye now.

2 people shout:

Matt Stanford said...

Great looking font, when can we get the other weights? -jiggling in anticipation-

Matt S


Hi, thankssss Matt!
JUICE light italic is available now on dafont, but the other 4 typefamily is soon be published!

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