March 28, 2009


Heeeelloo everyone.
It's been about a month since my graduation. Yea, finally, i've graduated from my uni. And if you remember, i've done all that "font-y" things for that.
I'll place my final works of that font some time in my deviantArt page. :D

In the mean time, i got all the time in the world for just doing nothing except checking out the net. I mean all that MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Deviantart,, Twitter, Plurk, you name it!
Beside all that "social-networking" site i have managed for about... mmm.. i dont know..maybe in the last 4 years? I to have some 'serious' website here you just have to stop by and enjoy.

if your in to art and illustration
if your in to art-punk-y music like YYY
if your in to fashion and all that stuff
if your in to him/her :)

So, enjoy guys. Hope you love it! Like i do.

*While listening to Dark Captain Light Captain, Silversun Pickups, Placebo, Owl City, and The Early November

2 people shout:

nadya saskia said...

tuh kaannn kalo udh kena internet 24jam pasti begitu deh kerjaannya

eh dhan gua suka bgt sm link le lovenya.. hummm jd pgn punya gak deng, jd inget dulu pernah punya pacar :d


iya nih pengangguraan aaabbeeessssss!

ya kan le love oke bgt kaan.. waktu itu gua kasih tau juga ke maya tuh..

eitss masiihh aja curcol lo nat... anytime anywhere lah yeee.

"people don't change, you just found out who they truly are"