December 4, 2008


have you ever heard of someone saying, "friends are friend, not food" ?
well, i do. and i do have friends who are friend.
and now, like "I'm from Barcelona" said, let me introduce my friends.

It's nunu, or you can just call her nonakumis. Bought her a sunflower, and she'll loooove you!

Wina, are crazzzy about lollipops and Mika.

Here is Bram. Likes to go out, and love the place called EX or something? hahhah.

It's the anarchist Dita. If you like batiks, then maybe she'll love you too.

Donat. Nadya. Or Donadya? She's a real artists. And she's really into Blur and all that stuff.

Bambu are great in illustration. Not like me :P

Hey people, it;s Mellanie. And you better don't judge her by it's cover i said. hahhhah :P

It's Omen, or maybe you'll find him with the name Norama on electronic music scene in the future.

Comics, comics, comics. Rengga is all about comics.

Hey, it's Joni. Or Henry. Likes to take a picturrre.

Sapi, are all about drum n bass, scooter, and photography.

This is Anis. Or call him Wuku. He likes owl a lot. hahhhah.

That's all folks.
bye now.

4 people shout:

Anis Wuku said...

aauuuwww..auuwwww..auuuwwwww......kita teman..teman tidak makan teman...huahahahahuahaha...kata2nya tarsan critanya...huahahah

nunu mukanya ga enak ya....

tahnks dan....

gadisradio said...

iya. teman itu teman..
bukan makanan..

NINIS DEAR said...

this inspired me to write some stories about friends, dhan.. thx =)

gadisradio said...

thanks mbaa..

"people don't change, you just found out who they truly are"